Caption Competition Winners

R: It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for – the announcement of the caption competition winners.

It’s been an agonising process for the judges, sifting through thousands upon thousands of entries, and trying to agree on the winners. Sometimes it has been wit, sometimes intelligence, sometimes lateral thinking which has won through. But whatever the reason, the stamp of genius has been the common factor. Mostly.

Due to issues surrounding security, and following advice by Royal Mail, we are unable to announce details concerning the actual prizes. We would, however, advise against making any rash career decisions or large impulsive purchases until you have received your prize. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

Thank you all for your entries, and a special congratulation to all the winners.


‘Richard prayed that his bushtucker trial did not include rats bottoms, cobras bowels or monkeys weeners.’

– Barry Peebles


‘I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in, to stop my mind from wandering… where it will go.’

– Peter Restall


‘The food was so bad that I lost 8 stone…’

– Alison Jones


‘We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind, cause if your friends don’t, and if they don’t dance, then there no friends of mine.’

– Daniel England


‘You get a good view of your house from here!’

– Campbell Scott

New Zealand

‘Gary Glitter’s new disguise wasn’t fooling anyone, especially the children…’

– Mike Stewart


‘Richard makes an early return to Shandwick Place.’

– George England


‘Strictly Come Dancing kicks-off new season on board the QE2.’

– Kevin Rooney


‘Does my bum look big in this.’

– John Shields


‘Bear England.’

– Shona Galletly


‘Richie longs for a Mr Whippy back in the UK.’

– Darran Flowers


‘The annual oxen prostate exam’s a two-man job…’

– Tom Muir


‘Has the bell gone?’

– Linda Livingstone


‘Spot the dummy.’

– Linda Livingstone


Caption Competition: Vietnam

S: Alas, this is the final caption competition of the trip. No tears, please; just cheers. Good luck. Winners will be announced soon…


As mentioned previously, the deadline for all caption competitions is now Friday 24th August. The winners, selected by an internationally renowned panel of caption experts, will each receive a mystery prize upon our return.

Caption Competition: Thailand

S: We realise that we’ve not been in Thailand for some time, and that we will be returning there in a little less than two weeks (we fly home from Bangkok); but to give everyone plenty of time to cogitate and consternate, we thought we would post it up now.

Thailand was strangely bereft of caption competition opportunities, but hopefully this inspires some wit – perhaps even philosophy.

Note – Argentina and Laos caption comps are still looking for entries!


As mentioned previously, the deadline for each caption competition is now Friday 24th August. The winners, selected by an internationally renowned panel of caption experts, will each receive a mystery prize upon our return.

Caption Competition: Cambodia

R: First things first, we’ve decided to move the deadline forward for all Caption Competition entries – we think it only appropriate that our final blog entry should come on the final day of our trip – and not when we’re back home – and we’re therefore anticipating something of a blog pileup during our last week. So please note that the closing date is now Friday, 24th August. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter, and before we return to the UK on Wednesday, 29th August.

Second – and rather shockingly – there are still no entries for Argentina (a gift, if you ask me) and Laos (a bit trickier). You’ll be kicking yourself for giving up a gilt-edged opportunity to win some fantastic prizes. You’re gorgeous, intelligent, funny people, so I’m sure you can come up with a few more belters before the month is out.

But enough of matters administrative, here’s the caption competition for Cambodia. Good luck.