Days 330-336: Bowing Out In Bangkok

R: This is the blog’s last post but one, and it’s perhaps a little different from the others. You see, there are many cultural sights in Bangkok: the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace, the National Museum, the Erawan Shrine, etc. But we haven’t seen any of them. And while I wouldn’t suggest for a minute that on this trip We’ve Seen It All, after three hundred and thirty days of multicultural absorption perhaps We’ve Seen Enough. Plus, I suspect this won’t be our only visit to Bangkok.

So, unlike any other stop on this trip we checked into a 5-star hotel, hid away our backpacks behind beautifully finished wardrobe doors, and threw away our ‘Southeast Asia On A Shoestring’ guidebook. Our six days here have been dominated by huge buffet breakfasts, thunderously large shopping malls, some rather delicious room service inside the hotel, and some rather fine restaurants outside of it.

We’ve also sat ringside at an evening of Thai boxing and hit the dance floors of one of Bangkok’s most exclusive clubs (yes, they let us in; we were surprised, too).

These last few days has made us wonder who it was, then, that toughed it out on Bolivia’s Salt Flats, survived the swamp that was Fiji’s Bay Of Plenty, and braved the cold and wind atop Mount Kinabalu? Not us, surely?

We have only one day of our trip left and only one post of the blog remaining. In the meantime, here are some photographs from Bangkok. Not quite the stuff of high adventure. But, boy, has it been good.

The view from our hotel room – and we’re only on one of the lower floors.

Chilling in our five-star crib: well-earned and surprisingly affordable.

A golf course slap bang in the middle of the city – only in Bangkok.

Siam Paragon: shopping doesn’t come much bigger than this.

Bed Supperclub, Bangkok: DJ Fred Jungo was our host for the night.

Ringside at our first Muay Thai boxing night. A good time was had by all.

Well, nearly all.


2 thoughts on “Days 330-336: Bowing Out In Bangkok

  1. Thank you for all the interesting amusing feedback from all your travel. Makes me almost feel like i at times have been on the trip with you. Hope you have a safe trip back home. Please get in touch and come around to 1GS to say hello in due course. Best, Åsa

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